Life Book 2015 Week 10

This has been one of my favorite projects yet!  Playing with ink sprays and getting messy is my kind of play time!

Layers of Your Heart With Tamara Laporte was this weeks lesson

This month’s theme is Celebration and gratitude

We created a concertina page with several hearts where we wrote what we are grateful for.  Here is mine:


I love how we created this background using different colors of spray inks on the pocket concertina as well as each heart.


This is the front heart.  I tried a little faux calligraphy for the title “Layers of My Heart”


The rest of the hearts are decorated in different techniques.  I wrote on each one what I am grateful for beginning with my Spirituality, Family, Nature, Technology and Friends.


I will be making more of these grateful hearts for sure!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs, Carmen

2 thoughts on “Life Book 2015 Week 10

  1. I love all the lush colours and textures in your hearts, Carmen. You’ve done a fantastic job with those and with your gorgeous background and concertina pocket. I’m still working on mine but I’ve already discovered that I suck at using stencils with spray inks.

  2. Thanks Laura!! And welcome back!! I find that working with stencils is a very tricky process. I saw Tam use a brush with the acrylic, but you can also use a sponge with not too much ink or a stencil brush. I forgot to mention in my post that I sewed the bottom just to make sure it would stay put. I appreciate your comments!

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