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Pumpkin Stacker Countdown

Yes, my friends, I took the Pumpkin Stacker and turned it into a Baby Keepsake Stacker!

Front View

Back View

I had so much fun making this project. I really didn’t know for sure if it would work out, but after looking through my stash, I found some packs of paper I bought years ago, and it was perfect!!

This really takes time and you need to be patient to put all the pieces together.  It takes quite a lot of paper, so be prepared to buy a whole pack of the color you want – (at least 25 pieces) you don’t want to run out in the middle of the project.  

The time and effort I put into this project was well worth it because I know it will last for years to come.  For complete details on how to put it together, go here:  3D Pumpkin Stacker

To make it more girly, I added Prima flowers, and different color of buttons to go along with the colors of “knobs” for the drawers.

Thanks for visiting today, and happy crafting!

A Tribute to My Mother-In Law Josefa “Chefa” Varela Lucero


Chefa, as we all lovingly called her, was born on February 26, 1920, she died November 13th, 2014, she was almost 95 years old.

My husband, Art, wrote a beautiful eulogy for his mother and he gave me permission to  publish some of his thoughts.

“Mom was a simple, unassuming, uncomplicated person; and yet, she had an extraordinary and long life.  Her entire life revolved around two things:  Her church and her family.  Her family had a tradition of serving the church.  She even lived on the San Jose church grounds.  As a young child she helped build the old Cristo Rey Chapel.  She recalled carrying buckets of water for the adobes.  As she got older, she moved on to cleaning the chapel and later, the formal church, and eventually, washing and ironing the church linen and priestly garments.  She carefully examined, and re-examined the garments to make sure there were no wrinkles of any kind.  After she was satisfied, came the task of taking them back to church.  No easy task, being that mom didn’t have a car.  We would walk the garments on outstretched arms hoping we would not drop or the wind blow something off the hangers.”

“Years later, came the cooking at the church kitchen:  Tacos, Menudo, and the old favorites gorditas to raise money for the church.  She also washed, repaired and fixed stuffed toys to sell at the church for the young kids to buy.  Finally, came the recycling of aluminum cans.  At family get togethers, eagle-eyed mom was on the lookout.  No one could throw a can in the trash without mom commenting, “para la iglesia.”  It didn’t take long before the whole family got into the act.  Her joy and pride would always be apparent when she collected sufficient money to purchase the needed garments or linens for the annual “Fiesta de Cristo Rey.”

“In 2001, she was recognized by the Diocese for the long service to the church.  Being an extremely humble person, she was somewhat embarrassed by the recognition and attention, but very appreciative.”

“I once asked her what her happiest moments were and she quickly replied:  “When I had you kids.”  She had a total of 11 children.  Seven survived – two daughters, and five boys.  Six were a year or so apart.  What a hand full  we must have been.”

“How she cooked meals early on by herself and on a wood burning stove, we can only imagine.  Making six to eight dozen tortillas at every meal along with caldos, caldillos, papas, avenas, cereales, veggies and snacks; and my all time favorite:  Beans.  de olla, refritos, con queso, con chorizo, con chile rojo and so on.”

“She was quite the efficiency expert.  She would form assembly lines with the older kids to help with cooking, washing, and bathing.  Saturday night baths were like watching a Keystone cops movie.”

“She was a nurse extraordinaire.  Her knowledge of herbs and home remedies, taught to her by our great-grandmother, Mague, kept not only us, but some of the neighborhood kids healthy.  Scrapes and cuts, form a line, Nurse Lucero is on the job 24/7.”

“Yes, she was busy, but had time to play.  Jump rope with the girls, trompos, marbles, and catch, with the boys. We all remember the mud ball fights after a nice rain.  The clay soil could be formed into a small mud ball.  Our mom could fling a clay mud b all with the best of her kids!”

“For a significant time she was a single parent of six.  During this time, I can only describe her as a financial wizard.  Taking a few dollars a week, usually earned through the sweat of her brow, and providing us with our basic needs.  She either cleaned a few houses or ironed someone’s clothes to earn money.””

Recycling was also the order of the day, even before it became fashionable.  My sisters wore dresses made by mom from flour sack material.  I can still remember the white sacks with flower patterns.  Careful deliberation was given in the purchases so as to not select the same pattern often.  The younger boys received some hand-me-downs, everything always mended and cleaned.  Although she only had a third grade education, she would help us with our home work and encourage us to do well in school.””

Her life got a bit easier as we all grew older one by one we began to work or join the military.  Each of us helping support the younger ones, finally just mom.  Oh, but then came the 60 or so gran, great-grand, and great-great-grand kids, many of whom she helped raise in some fashion or another.  All of them gave her tremendous joy.  And, for the rest of her life, mom was showered with their hugs and kisses.””

Mom’s last few days were spent at home surrounded by all her kids, young and old.  Never alone, 24 hours a day, with sounds of family close by, just as she wished.  She passed with grand-kids holder her hands and in the presence of her two loving daughters.”

“Mom was indeed an extraordinary mother, not because she made any grand contributions to society or the world, but because she met and exceeded her everyday challenges year after year, after year.”

“Mom is no longer with us, but our memories of her will be passed on for generations to come.”

I just wanted to add, that when I met Chefa, I thought she had a formidable stature.  I felt a bit intimidated by her at first, but as I got to know her better, I understood why she had to be that way.  So many years struggling to raise her children.  All the sacrifices, and all the work she had to do were all well worth it to her because at the end one by one all children became great assets to society.

Thank you, Chefa, for your great example!

I also want to thank all the family members, young and old, who were constantly looking after our daily needs, whether, physically or emotionally, and who contributed so much by their presence, by bringing coffee, doughnuts, goodies and even food to the hospital.  And especially those who were ever-present at Chefa’s side. We don’t have enough words to say and want to show our appreciation by thanking you publicly at this time.

Love and thanks,

Art and Carmen Lucero

SVG Attic-SnapDragon Snippets Winter Wonderland Blog Hop!

Welcome to the SVG AtticSnapDragon Snippets Winter Wonderland blog hop!  We are so excited to have you join us today!


At each stop of the hop we hope you will be inspired by the creativity of the design teams of SVG Attic and Snapdragon Snippets. You are sure to find many wonderful projects that will be at the top of your crafting lists! If you happened across this post out of order, please head to the SVG Attic blog to start at the beginning of the hop.

 Here are the projects I created for this hop:

Sending Warm Fuzzies Greeting Card

I used the Build A Snowman SVG Collection and The Ice Princess Party Pack  I applied Martha Stewart Sparkle Texture effect on the snowman, snowflake,  and stenciled snowflakes, googly eyes, buttons, and a feather in his hat.

Let It Snow Tag - Front and Side Views
Let It Snow Tag – Front View
Let It Snow Side View
Let It Snow Side View

I created this manila tag by adding different colors of distress inks.  I embossed the snowflake stamps and also used the 3D snowflake from Ice Princess Party Pack.  I donwloaded the free Oliver Font from Dafont and cut it out on my electronic cutter and added gold stickles.   I added a paper doily and spritzed it with Heidi Swapp ink.   I used the same color on the ribbon, scrunched it and let it air dry.

Snow Fun Tag
Snow Fun Wreath Tag
Snow Fun Wreath Tag
Snow Fun Tag Closeup

For this tag I also used the Ice Princess Party Pack and turned the snow flake from the favor bags into a wreath by adding small pieces of tulle in the holes of the circle.  There is a piece of “mirror” card stock in back to reflect the light.  I added the word snow from the same font and the FUN letters are from Tim Holtz.

Now how about some blog hop prizes??

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$15 Gift Certificate to SnapDragon Snippets


What do you need to do to be eligible for these amazing prizes?

  1.  Become a follower of each blog in the hop, if you aren’t already.  We have some different blogs since our last hop, so please check to make sure you are following them all!
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  3.  If you do both of the above, check back here at the SVG Attic blog to check for the winners on Monday, November 17th!  You have all day today and tomorrow to hop.

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Now for the blog hop lineup:

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  I hope you have enjoyed this stop on our hop!  Be sure to head on over to the other stops for more Winter Wonderland inspiration, comment and become a follower to be eligible for the prizes!

Thanks for visiting and now go to Jodi‘s blog and see what awesome project she created for you today!

Fall Center Piece

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather.  I know in some part of the country winter has already arrived, but here in El Paso, Texas, we are still having very nice days, a little bit of rain, and awesome sunsets.

 For this post, I created a fall center piece using Canning Essentials Svg Kit.  I got the inspiration from a project by Tammy Tutterow, but instead of using real glass, I used overhead transparencies.  The paper I used was from the Paper Company.  It was a gold embossed cardstock.  To make the tall jar look vintage, I applied alcohol inks in Ginger, Caramel, and Butterscotch plus Clear Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint to the transparency.  I added an electronic candle in the middle and dried vegetables to make it sturdy.  The addition of the light makes the “glass” glittery!

I cut out the leaves and acorns from the Harvest Blessings Card Kit.  To the ribbon I added the same colors but with the Distress Stains to match the colors on the glass.  I used fall colors of Distress Paints on the Leaves.  These are from the Fall Ensemble Kit.  The other leaves I die cut with three different Provo Craft dies.  I also added two push pins, a peacock feather and small white pearls.  The branches are also a Tim Holtz die cut.

The other two jars were made with transparencies and regular cardstock, one in brown and the other in a rust color.  I cut out the decorative toppers from fabric “cardstock” I had in my stash and natural twine.

So there you have it, a fall center piece to enjoy over and over again throughout the years.

Happy crafting!