Life Book 2015

Back in October 2014 I left a message on Patty Ballard’s! blog hop for a chance to win a spot in Life Book 2015.  I didn’t win – at first – but the winner did not answer Patty’s email so she chose an alternate – and that was me!!!

Life Book 2015  is a year long, chuck full of artsy stuff, art class organized by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts .  Twenty five artists post wonderful videos with “how to” projects.   LB started January 1st, and I’ve been having the time of my life learning new techniques and making art projects to fill a journal at the end of the year.  I used 11×14 140# cold pressed water color paper.  I have plenty of room to create!

Tamara Laport started us off in Week One with a whimsical girl, which I enjoyed drawing:


My Beacon of Light


Close up of the face


What really guides me is God’s work from Psalm 119:105

Week Two

Roben Marie showed us how to create an awesome tag.


I used some of the paper I created with my gelli plate.

Tam also posted a video on how to make a happy jar which I tagged as “My Jar of Awesome Happiness”


This will hold small pieces of paper with all the different awesome and happy events in my life.  The idea is to open the jar, unfold the papers at different times of the year, and remember those times – what a great idea!!

Week Three

Joanne Sharpe

I’ve been admiring Joanne’s Sharpe artful lettering for years.  I even have a video with her techniques, but never even opened up to see what it was all about.  Fortunately, she was one of the instructors.

I made two different versions:


I used Koi watercolors on dry paper in this version so the colors are very bright and not well blended, but I did add some Zentangling to the letters, and

this is the second version:


I used the wet on wet technique and the colors came out very subtle.

Even though I thought the first one was too overpowering, I tend to like it much better.

What do you think?

Leave a comment and let me know which one you like best and thanks in advance!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to come back because I’ll be posting my creations every week!

Make art everyday!

5 thoughts on “Life Book 2015

  1. Carmen, your work is beautiful and I know how much time it takes you to create such beautiful pieces. My question is how do you manage to blog?

    1. Thanks April – I enjoy making art. I schedule my blogging – just like everything else. Every day I have something to do – it’s a routine. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs!

  2. Carmen I absolutely love your artwork! I pinned your painted face!!! Loved the scripture! Nine years of Pioneering taught me that one the most!!! Beautiful job my dear sister!!!😄 I love all the pretty projects you showed me today!!! Enjoy!!!
    ~Vanessa W

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