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Life Book Week 18 – Here’s Looking At You Kid

This week’s lesson was interesting in that I had never done marbling with paints.  So Kristin Van Valkenbergh showed us how to get the kid inside of us to come us.  The interesting thing about Kristin is that she makes such cute mixed media pieces with whimsical wide eyes girls, but she showed us something completely different.

I used watercolor paper again on this one.  I created a marbling effect with only four different colors of acrylic paint.  I then attached my favorite photo and painted an aura around it. Then cut out a small door where my inner child would appear.  She had us write a letter from our “kid” about never loosing that inner child and representing our childhood with bright colors of acrylic paint.  I think if I do this lesson again, I’m going to use more neutral colors.  I think it came out too dark.


I used molding paste on one of Tamara Laporte’s whimsical stencils on the upper right hand corner and then used oil pastels (first time ever!) to color and add dimension.


For the door, I used card stock that looked like wood and Washi tape for the “hinge” and enhanced it with acrylic paint, stamps and more pastels.  I don’t remember the stencil I used on the bottom, but I also added more pastels to it.


My inner child used bright neon acrylic paint, chipboard banners, hearts, spirals and heart confetti.

The picture ended up looking like a lime sherbet cone!


After I uploaded the above picture, I decided that it did look like a cone so I outlined it!

2015-05-02 13.28.38

Well, I am keeping up with the classes up to now, just not posting as soon as I finish because real life gets in the way some times.

Until next time, friends, happy crafting!