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Several Cards I Have Created in The Last Few Weeks

Here are some cards and other mixed media projects I’ve created, but haven’t posted.

My grandson Sage stayed with us for a few days this summer and wanted to surprise his girl friend.  He said he wanted a folder to tell her how much he loved her.  “Grandma, can you make something for Emma?”  What do you want me to make?  “Oh, just take a folder and do your stuff on it!”  He loved it!  You should have seen the look in his eyes when I gave it to him.

Emma’s Folder

I used stencils, spray paint, acrylics and a black marker


The back of the folder with a silhouette of a person dancing.


Close up of the stencil I used and the word Celebrate!


This is a mixed media canvas for a dear friend of the family who just found out she has Ewing’s Cancer, a rare form of bone Cancer.  She is so sweet and only 14 years old.


A closeup of the quote:


It didn’t take long for her to start loosing her hair, so I sent her a card to cheer her up!

I used a couple of Unity stamps for this one.


One of my cousins asked me to make a Sympathy card for a coach who just died, so I dusted off my Cricut and cut out a few images from the Basketball cartridge.


I also used my single stamps and stamped the inside.


Finally, I’ve been taking some Craftsy card classes and these are a few of the cards I’ve created.

The lessons were given by Catherine Pooler – so much fun!



Life Book 2015 – Lessons 24 – 28

Week 24 – Happy Painting with Juliette Crane

This was a bonus lesson about how magical faces appear out of a intuitive playful process.  I already knew what I wanted to paint, so it wasn’t so intuitive, but I liked it, none the less!

I started out by laying down some paint on the bottom and top, then I collaged some papers with mat medium then, I just started with the eyes and the nose, and this little happy critter came out 🙂


A close up of the face…


and a close up of the bow tie.


I also added some white spots all over to fill in the “blank” spaces.

Week 25 – Stenciling What You Love with Lynsee Lynx

Lynnsee uses a lot of sacred geometric shapes & symbols.  She showed us how to make stencils and use spray paint – something I had never tried in my mixed media experience.   I really enjoyed playing with this one!

I was able to make my stencils and make three different projects.


A closeup of the upper right,



This was the second project I made using the sprays, a gold marker and drip paint.




For this one I used pastel colors and black paint.



And also used some of the stencils I already had on hand.


Week 26 – Our Inner Warrior Princess with Andrea Gomoll!

I was on vacation when I made this one so, once again, I took my time in perfecting it 🙂

A while back I took her Faceinating Girls Class and got her stamps for free.  I don’t need the stamps anymore but they come in handy when you start learning to paint whimsical girl faces.

When I clicked on this lesson, I knew I wanted to make an Aztec princess.  I was born in Mexico under the watchful eye of two volcanos, Huitzilopotchli and Izxtlazihuatl.

This is the picture where I got my inspiration.

You can see the two volcanoes in the background.  I googled images of Aztec princesses and this was the combination of several.  For the background I used watercolors.


I really like her 🙂


I used some stencils and modeling paste for the words.


I don’t remember where I got this quote, but I think it’s so appropriate!


A closeup of her headdress with things I like.


Week 28 – Layers of You with Tamara Laport

Tam’s lesson was all about self-empathy and paint-over-collage.

I took a picture from a fashion magazine and used it for the basis of my girl.


I added these flowers that appeared on an add, just changed the color and highlighted with a black pen.


The banners with the word Joy and different shapes.  Yes, Life is good!


I added a butterfly from Tim Holtz paper.


I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations today.  See you next time!

Happy crafting,


Life Book 2015 Weeks 21 – 23

Today, I posted three lessons.  You might want to get yourself a cup of coffee because it is a lengthy blog.  I hope you enjoy!


Two bonus lessons this week.  First one is with Lynn Whipple .  This is a warm up is back with a warm up exercise that gets you thinking about shadow and light both literally and figuratively.

This is what she says about her warm up exercise:

Lynne: “The idea here is that we may want to experience what shadow side means to us, and make notes while we play the Pros and Cons game by making a list of the “good” and the “bad” of a subject of your choice. Also we will consider how you need the shadow side when describing a form, such as an apple…you can’t have a complete whole without both sides. This is a warm up exercise that is a way to add meaning to a topic by spending time thinking it through with your hands.”


Because Lynne talked about apples in her lesson Tam gave us a bonus lesson on  paying extra attention to the shadow and light concepts. 

This was my offering 🙂


I did mine on watercolor paper using acrylics.  My apple is shadowing my pear which is what this lesson was all about.


This week we had a lesson by  Jeanne Oliver.  Her lesson was beautifully comprehensive, and daunting.  She showed us how to collect patterns from magazines to use in collaging as well as image transfer, paint over transfer and how to draw and paint a face from a photo reference using only a black Stabilo or charcoal and white gesso.  I said this lesson was daunting because my inner critic kept telling me it was all wrong.  I listened over, and over again until I decided this final drawing was it!  As a matter of fact, this was the project that sent me into a frozen state for the next few lessons.  Since I was trying to make it perfect, the other lessons just passed me by and it was really hard to get back to having fun!

This is the black and white photograph I used for my piece.  It’s my beautiful daughter Zonia.


Jeanne said that it wouldn’t necessarily be a likeness of her, but a basis for the portrait.  So this is what I did.



I spent a lot of time finding just the right color of pages from several magazines to arrive at perfect paper for her hair and dress.

I also transferred some black and white flowers using mat medium ,



made some marks on the background paint, and used a couple of stencils for texture.

I then took my Christy Tomlison stamps and added some words of wisdom



This is a closeup of the face.  After I finished it, I could see where the mistake was – no, I’m not going to tell you where, because I’m done and will not fix it! – it is just find the way it is.  – Let’s move one, people!!


On to the next lesson!


This is the lesson that I enjoyed very much because it was so different.  Tam showed us how to draw a male face.

In her video she talked about “the concept of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energies that can obviously live in either gender.”  A very up to date subject, don’t you think?

I actually made this project while in Colorado, sitting in our condo and enjoying the majestic mountains of Vail and Beaver Creek.

Since I had all day to play with this one, I added lots and lots of extras, including some tattoos.


This is my background with all the diamonds and other doodles coming down from the sun.  I used modeling paste for the flower and just ink for the one on the right.


I loved the way Tam showed us how to do the wing – manly, isn’t it?  I wrote the words, “You Are Brave” on top of the wing.


To make him look more masculine, I added some tattoos on his chest and the words, Magical and Strength,  and a very masculine butterfly on his neck, haa haa!


the facial hair, and busy eyebrows completed the look.


Well, let me know what you think about this male

Later today or tomorrow morning I will post more lesson.

Happy crafting y’all!


Getting Back to Work!

Oh, my Gosh!  I just realized it’s been months since I posted on my blog!

To tell you the truth, after I went on vacation in June, it’s been very difficult to get back to blogging, but when I visited this morning, I noticed the last Life Book 2015 lesson I posted was number 20!

OK, gonna get busy and try to catch up!

You’ll see lessons 21 – 36 coming up shortly (not!)

 I’ll post as fast as I can.  Until then, have a blessed day and happy crafting!