Life Book 2015 – Week 33

Bonus Lesson:  Inspiration Power Words with Joanne Sharpe!

Joanne, gave us a lesson on the  the healer archetype.  We explore all that the healer means and what words they evoke.   I count myself with those who have been healer archetypes.  Part of the Mexican culture is the joy of caring for your aging and sick family members.  There’s the attitude that “no one else can take care of my parents or my family members better than me!”

The words that come to mind when I think of the process of being a caregiver are many, but the most important one is humility.  When it comes time to care for our loved ones, we must have the humility to accept that we cannot do it all by ourselves – We need help and we need to take care of  ourselves first.  You must make peace with yourself and have the courage to forgive anything that might have caused friction between you two and surrender yourself to show love and kindness and comfort.

We must remember that one day, we too will be in the same boat; we just hope that the Captain will have enough love and kindness to offer the help we need, or have a qualified person or institution to care for us.

Joan showed us how to write the different words on watercolor paper using different watercolor mediums.


I made small cards and wrote each word.


Humility is #1!


#2 Courage to deal with the problem,


and #3 to letting go  of any feelings that might interfere with your care taking.


Powerful words indeed!

Have an awesome day, my friends!

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