Life Book 2015 – Lessons 24 – 28

Week 24 – Happy Painting with Juliette Crane

This was a bonus lesson about how magical faces appear out of a intuitive playful process.  I already knew what I wanted to paint, so it wasn’t so intuitive, but I liked it, none the less!

I started out by laying down some paint on the bottom and top, then I collaged some papers with mat medium then, I just started with the eyes and the nose, and this little happy critter came out 🙂


A close up of the face…


and a close up of the bow tie.


I also added some white spots all over to fill in the “blank” spaces.

Week 25 – Stenciling What You Love with Lynsee Lynx

Lynnsee uses a lot of sacred geometric shapes & symbols.  She showed us how to make stencils and use spray paint – something I had never tried in my mixed media experience.   I really enjoyed playing with this one!

I was able to make my stencils and make three different projects.


A closeup of the upper right,



This was the second project I made using the sprays, a gold marker and drip paint.




For this one I used pastel colors and black paint.



And also used some of the stencils I already had on hand.


Week 26 – Our Inner Warrior Princess with Andrea Gomoll!

I was on vacation when I made this one so, once again, I took my time in perfecting it 🙂

A while back I took her Faceinating Girls Class and got her stamps for free.  I don’t need the stamps anymore but they come in handy when you start learning to paint whimsical girl faces.

When I clicked on this lesson, I knew I wanted to make an Aztec princess.  I was born in Mexico under the watchful eye of two volcanos, Huitzilopotchli and Izxtlazihuatl.

This is the picture where I got my inspiration.

You can see the two volcanoes in the background.  I googled images of Aztec princesses and this was the combination of several.  For the background I used watercolors.


I really like her 🙂


I used some stencils and modeling paste for the words.


I don’t remember where I got this quote, but I think it’s so appropriate!


A closeup of her headdress with things I like.


Week 28 – Layers of You with Tamara Laport

Tam’s lesson was all about self-empathy and paint-over-collage.

I took a picture from a fashion magazine and used it for the basis of my girl.


I added these flowers that appeared on an add, just changed the color and highlighted with a black pen.


The banners with the word Joy and different shapes.  Yes, Life is good!


I added a butterfly from Tim Holtz paper.


I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations today.  See you next time!

Happy crafting,


2 thoughts on “Life Book 2015 – Lessons 24 – 28

  1. Your responses to the lessons are great. I love the way you incorporates your personal heritage into the warrior piece. You did a great job with the exercise in painting over collage too.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Laura. I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog and read your posts, but as soon as I catch up I will. Thanks for coming by!

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