Getting Back to Work!

Oh, my Gosh!  I just realized it’s been months since I posted on my blog!

To tell you the truth, after I went on vacation in June, it’s been very difficult to get back to blogging, but when I visited this morning, I noticed the last Life Book 2015 lesson I posted was number 20!

OK, gonna get busy and try to catch up!

You’ll see lessons 21 – 36 coming up shortly (not!)

 I’ll post as fast as I can.  Until then, have a blessed day and happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Getting Back to Work!

    1. Hi Laura!! Yes, I’m ready to post. I went on vacation and did some of my projects on the road. I already have the pictures on my blog photo file, but haven’t posted them. I also started documenting my vacation photos but got overwhelming trying to remember what I did – that’s when I lost my mojo. I’ll just direct people to my FB page and that of my daughter where they can see the rest of the pictures. Thanks for always commenting – it gives me the courage to continue. Hugs!!

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