Life Book 2015 Week 13

This week we had the wonderful Juliette Crane give us a video on how to create a whimsical owl.  I saw a picture of three owls someone posted and it inspired me to create the three owls on a trunk.

LifeBook Owls 017

I made each one with a different face and stance.

LifeBook Owls 018

LifeBook Owls 019

LifeBook Owls 020

I first laid a layer of lock of acrylic color then using a stabilo pencil drew in each of the owls and painted the different layers.  Lastly, I covered all the layers up and dotted the background with white dots to simulate stars.

I added molding paste to the stump and a stencil to simulate the tree.

I will have to make more of these creatures and more, I had so much fun!

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6 thoughts on “Life Book 2015 Week 13

  1. Your owl painting turned out wonderfully. I just could not get myself loose enough to approach Juliette Crane’s style but you’ve really got those nice loose marks in your piece. I love the colour you chose for the background too. It really supports and enhances your owls. Lovely texture in the Owls too.

    1. Thanks Laura, I’m just trying out every technique available so I can learn as many as I can and then choose which one to keep in my head LOL. So far, I’ve like experimenting with all of them. Have fun and try them out – you’ll be glad you did!

      1. I too am enjoying trying different things. Some are a better fit for me than others and, therefore, I need to find the time to go back and try a lesson out again. I’m hoping to do that later in the year so I can measure my progress against my first attempts.

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