A Mailbox for your Wedding Guest Cards

Hello my crafty friends.  For today’s post I made this 3D Mailbox from theLove Letters SVG File  Isn’t this cute!!  It’s the exact replica of a real mailbox.  It’s very study and comes with a flag, front and back rims, and handle.


I used these colors because my niece chose them for her wedding and I really loved the combination
I also used the Full Split Monogram File for the letter L for the front of the mailbox as well as the inside.  You can purchase the whole alphabet set, or buy the letters individually.  For the LUCERO I used the free font Typography Times Regular.
Here you can see the mailbox opened with the wedding guest cards inside.
The opening will accept card envelopes up to 5×7 inches


I also added the Mr. and Mrs. cut from the Mr and Mrs. Page Kit
On the flag I stamped “Thank You” on both sides.


Be sure you account for the flag on the side panel when you add your own words, otherwise the flag will obstruct the Mr and Mrs, as in my case, but I also added it to the other side as you can see here:


For the name marquee, I cut out the 2015 using the same free font and added it to both sides as well.
Or you can add “Established” and the “Date” of the wedding.
And finally the back of the mailbox.  Isn’t this fun?  It has the same openings as a real mailbox.  I added the a ribbon since the ribbon cannot be added to the front because of the handle.
I used the Spellbinders Mini Blooms and leaves to cut out the flowers and I attached them to the front and back rims.
So there you have it a 3D mailbox that can be used for many occasions – just let your imagination run wild.
This is where you can find the Tutorial for this mailbox.
Until next time; happy craftying!!

2 thoughts on “A Mailbox for your Wedding Guest Cards

  1. Your mailbox is so gorgeous! I love absolutely everything about it. I can’t believe how much work you must have put into this. It is truly a labor of love!

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