Life Book 2015 Week Four

Hello friends, today is Sunday and I’m getting over a headache.  I hadn’t had a chance to post my project because I felt it was not quite finished.

The wonderful Patti Ballard was the teacher on Life Book 2015 this week.  She posted a bonus project for us and I must admit, I had some issues with it because the girl she painted is not my style, but I decided to follow her video which was in fast speed and see what I could come up with.

I took some circus themed papers and used them as background for this tight rope walker.


I was a little bummed out because my watercolor paper got all warped, but I learned my lesson.  From now on, I will tape it to the paper pack and it should hold its shape.

By the way, I started a watercolor class at El Paso Community College and I learned several tips on working with watercolor paper and watercolor paint that will help me a lot during the Life Book class as well.

Here is the close up of the face:


The eyes are so small, I could get any details done on it; so I’m going to draw another one, just for me in my style and see how it comes out.  Yes, my inner critic is fighting with me – “no good, no good”  Arrgh  Must. Not. Listen.

Here’s another view of the top of the page.  You can see the collaged paper a little bit better:


And here is the bottom of the page.  You can see how I added glitter to her skirt and a close up of the quote by David Niven that I thought was very appropriate for this page.


Stay tuned for more Life Book.  Every Monday we get a new project!!  Yay!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Hugs, Carmen

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