Mixed Media Whimsical Cat

A Facebook friend/old classmate of mine saw one of the canvases I made for Life Book 2015 so she asked me to make her a whimsical cat.  I didn’t take a picture of the finished product, but I did before I added the sign and a butterfly.  She promised to take a picture when she gets it; in the mean time here it is!


This is an 8×10 canvas.  I collaged some designer paper, painted a tree with branches, stenciled in some modeling paste for texture and for the leaves, and added rub-ons.  I made a wooden sign that said “Cats Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts” and hung it on the tree.



I also made a 3D butterfly and glued it on the trunk.

I will update the picture when I get a copy of the finished product.

Thanks for coming over to visit today!!

Create something awesome today!!


Here’s the update on the Whimsical Cat.


I added a crown (Yes, cats think they are the masters of the universe), and the sign “nailed” to the tree


“Cats leave paw prints on our hearts”

I used balsa wood and stenciled in the letters and the paw prints

Thanks Marilyn Lefler Miller for sending me the pictures!!

Love your pets!

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