Days 7 & 8 Stretch Your Stamps2

This was difficult!!  I searched through my stash and all I could find were outline graphic stamp.  I did find an Inkadinkado set that looked similar to what the instructros used. I took  “Stamp Carving 101” from Julie Balzer at  two years ago and it came in very handy!! I traced the stamps on a big eraser, traced the outside, carved them out,  and made a shadow of the stamps!  Not perfect, but they’ll work for this particular type of card.


Using a graphic stamp that looked like a daisy, but cut in half, I colored each section with my stamp markers in different colors and rotated the stamp several times until I was done with a circle.  When I finished, it reminded me of the Spirograph art I played with when I was younger.  The Awesome stamp is Unity Stamp.


I used the same method, but scattered the circles on the panel, added some glitter glue, and added the sentiment.  I also used sequins and rhinestones.

Hey Darlin
Hey Darlin

I arranged this tamp to form a triangle in different colors, added the background paper and some bling.  Hey Darlin is Unity Stamp.

You Are Fabulous
You Are Fabulous

These are the stamps I carved myself from the above stamp.  I see a few mistakes, but, hey, it’s home made!  I added a small strip to the left side, split the panel in three, then went back and put it together, adding dimentionals to the part with the sentiment.  I colored the pearls with my alcohol markers to match the inks.

Love You
Love You

I cut out a rectangle so I could stamp the sentiment inside.  I didn’t have time to carve a rectangle stamp.  It was 2:30 in the morning, and I couldn’t make another stamp! There is no square layer, it’s just a cast shadow from the front of the card.  I carved the diamond shapes the same way I made the larger stamps.  I love this color combination.  I also added sequins and pearls.  I used silver embossing powder on the sentiment.  It’s from a baby set from Unity Stamps.

Days 9 & 10 coming up – Flower Stamps



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