The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I had a day off yesterday – oh, yeah, everyone had a day off.  We didn’t have any plans to go or do anything, so I spent the day in my studio while my hubby worked on restoring his 1980 Chevy Truck.

I bought a Dina Wakely video at Craft, Paper, Scissors showing her process of creating a journal page, so I jumped in using two 12×12 canvases – hence the title of this post.

Mary Englebreit Mixed Media
Mary Englebreit Mixed Media

I bought this Mary Englebreit paper piecing file and had to try and make a mixed media canvas with her.  I found some of her fabric in my stash and cut out some of the images, added the digital papers, used acrylic paints in the primary colors, stamps, stencils and gesso to add texture.  I’m very pleased with this piece and plan on giving it to a good friend of mine who likes anything Mary Englebreit.  This is The Good”

In Dina Wakely’s video, she shows the process of creating a journaling page using acrylic paints, ink sprays, and stencils.  Instead of a journal I used two 12×12 canvases – like she says, “if you can create one page, why not two?”  I followed along and did all the different techniques.  At the end, we’re to look at the “mess” and make something out of it.  She saw a window and a branch with flowers, I didn’t.  So I went ahead and drew the window on one canvas and branches on the other.

Then she says “OK, now we are going to cover everything up!”  So I did, at the same time I was wondering how the finished product would look like.

I covered up the one with the window in white paint:

Mixed Media Window - unfinished
Mixed Media Window – unfinished

I kind of like the look of this, but I know there is still something else it needs, so I’ll just let it sit and I’ll get back to it later – “The Bad”

The “Piece de Resistance” –  This is what the first piece ended up looking.  I used a blue and black paint to come up with a dark color and covered up all the work I previously did.  Yes, my friends, this is “The Ugly”

Vines and Circles
Vines and Circles

There are so many things I want to change on this piece, but I’m not throwing it away.  I’m thinking of covering everything up and starting over – or not.  I still don’t know what this will end up being, but I will keep it close at hand and see what it turns out to be.

On another note, I’m working on this painting in my acrylic class – It is still not finished – the Aspens need a little work and will show you the finished work at another time.

Aspen Trees
Aspen Trees








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