Missing My Kids

I’ve been missing my kids, who live in California,  so I started making them some cards.  Here’s the first one.  I decorated the envelope on the outside with Unity Stamps set Sending My Love.  The map is from Life is  a Journey and the tack and sentiment from Here For You.  I’m in Texas and they are where the wooden heart is.  On the base of the card I used the aqua gauze paper and added speckle through a stencil to get the bubbles on the sea.  I also used a bit of glitter and a few sequins.

Card Map and Sending Love Envelope

USA Map Card from Unity Stamps


Outside of Envelope – Unity Stamps

5 thoughts on “Missing My Kids

  1. I have one daughter and her son who both live in Alabama. My other children live within a 100 miles from where my husband and I live. To the out-of-state daughter and her son, I send them cards for different holidays, occasions and just because. She places the cards on a card holder that hangs over a door, so they can see them everyday. They love getting my homemade cards.

    1. Good idea, Hazel. I guess I’m going to have to create something for them too. They display my cards on the mantle, but I think your idea is super!!

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